Zet’s Restaurant

: 6445 Airport Road, Mississauga

Zet’s is in a bit of an odd location (it’s close enough to Pearson to see the planes take off), but having heard a few good things about their burger, I knew that at some point I’d have to check it off the list.

It’s an endearingly run-down Greek diner that serves stuff like soulvaki and gyro, along with burgers and other diner stand-bys.

I walked in at around one on a Saturday afternoon and was happy to note that the place was absolutely packed, with a line going all the way back to the door; crowds this deep are generally a harbinger of good things to come.  Generally.

The menu is on the wall above the grill.  Noting an eponymous burger on the menu, I ordered that, along with a side of fries.  A few minutes later I was asked what I wanted from the toppings behind the glass (I went with tomatoes, pickle, and mayo) and I was ready to go.

The Zet burger is a double with cheese and bacon, and with two fairly large patties, it’s not kidding around.  Clearly, it is not for the weak of appetite.


The patties are frozen and industrially produced. If you are seeking a hamburger worth going out of your way for, turn back now.  These are not the droids you’re looking for.

It is, however, a better-than-average frozen burger.  It wasn’t nearly as rubbery and hot dog-esque as some frozen burgers tend to be, nor was it as funky and off-tasting as some others.  Basically, it was pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to freezer-born burgers — but that is a very low water-mark indeed.

It still, of course, had that generically salty “this is meat?” flavour and hot doggy texture, but to a lesser degree than pretty much any other frozen burger that I’ve had.  It was also nicely grilled, with the gooey mild cheddar and thickly-cut, smoky bacon doing their best to hide the patty’s deficiencies.  It was probably the most I’ve enjoyed a frozen burger in quite a while, so props must go to Zet’s for successfully putting lipstick on a pig.

The other toppings were fine, as was the soft, fresh bun.  It’s actually pretty sad that Zet’s isn’t working with better patties; their technique is obviously pretty great, so if they were starting with better quality meat, they could be serving something special.  Oh well.

The fries, too, made me want to give Zet’s a pass.  Crispy on the outside and pleasingly creamy on the inside, they were absolutely outstanding.  Again, you can’t make fries this good unless you really know what you’re doing, so what’s the deal with the frozen burgers, Zet’s?  What’s the deal?

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2 thoughts on “Zet’s Restaurant

  1. I read a glowing review of Zet’s on another food site. So I thought I’d give Zet’s a try.
    Man was I sorry that I did. The burger was awful not Sonny’s Drive in Burger awful but it was bad. In fact neither my son nor myself could even finish the burgers that we ordered. As the review here states the burgers “are frozen and industrially produced.” Do yourself a favour if you’re looking for a great or even just a good burger don’t make the same mistake that I did and skip this joint.

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