Ozzy's in Kensington Market
: 66 Nassau Street, Toronto

Salt is a funny thing.  Add just enough of it to a dish, and it disappears into the background, enhancing flavours without calling attention to itself.  I was talking to a friend about the burger at Ozzy’s being too salty (because spoiler alert: the burger at Ozzy’s was way too salty), and he seemed surprised by the notion that a burger should even have salt.  Because done right, salt just enhances the beefy flavour of a burger without actually adding a particularly salty flavour.  It does its magic and then recedes into the shadows, happy to let the beef take all of the credit.

Done wrong, on the other hand?  You end up with the burger at Ozzy’s.

I ordered the Classic burger, which comes topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, griddled onions, and Ozzy’s sauce.

Ozzy's in Kensington Market

It’s kind of tragic, because aside from the extreme saltiness issue, the burger was top-notch.  The patty had a really impressive amount of crust from the griddle and a perfect texture, despite being cooked to well done — it was surprisingly juicy, it had a nice coarse grind, and it wasn’t overhandled.  It also had a decent beefy flavour.  It was actually pretty great.

The toppings were all solid, and the fresh, slightly sweet bun suited the burger well, though it was slightly too large.

But when I say that the patty was too salty, I mean that it was in-your-face salty.  It was unpleasant.

It’s a damn shame, because with a normal amount of salt, this would have easily been a top-tier burger.  But it was what it was (and my dining companion had the same complaint, so this wasn’t a one-off mistake).

As for the fries, bafflingly, they were completely undersalted (or maybe they just tasted that way after the salt-bomb of a hamburger).  They also had a bit of a stale oil flavour, but were otherwise pretty good.

2.5 out of 4

Ozzy's - the restaurant Ozzy's - the restaurant Ozzy's - the burger and fries Ozzy's - the burger

One thought on “Ozzy’s

  1. I was there last night. I asked the service guy where do u get ur cheese from? Does it contain animal ingredients like renner or lipases etc. He had no idea. When i pressed him he said everything is #Halal. I went to the counter to speak with owner. He was busy working without any food gloves, he was touching food, utensils, his hairs, etc everything and usinf same hands to handle food like buns, tomato, lettus you name it.

    So i waited, and then asked him, he said yes yes halal, then i asked do u know which brand ur using? He responded very rudely everything is halal.

    By the tone he used , the way he was speaking, i dont think this place is serving anything halal or know what it means to be halal food place.

    Also he was so rude to his staff working in the back.

    Eat at this place at ur own risk. A) he uses his bare hands to handle food and everything else around him. B ) halal status of his food is highly doubtful. If he can prove me wrong i be happy to update my review.

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