Gourmet Burger Co.

Location: 843 Kipling Avenue, Toronto
UPDATE: This particular location is closed (it’s been replaced with Big Butcher Barbeque); check their website for other locations.

Some burgers, like everything else, are just average.  They straddle that line between really good and really bad, without gathering much buzz; they’re just there, receding from your memory almost immediately after consumption.  The burgers at Gourmet Burger Co. fall squarely into this category.

The restaurant has a clean look to it, and it’s laid out much like many burger joints in Toronto; you order your burger, pay, then pick up your food from the counter when it’s ready.

I went pretty simple, ordering a plain burger topped with tomatoes, pickles and GBC sauce (described as a mixture of mayo, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, honey, and roasted garlic).

My first impression was that the burger had obviously been cooked on a griddle, resulting in a moderate amount of crust on the patty.  Not as much as at a place like Burger’s Priest or Holy Chuck, but it was there.

The beef has that muddled flavour typical of mediocre quality beef.  It’s okay; it’s a bit bland, but it tastes fine.  It’s also too lean and a bit overcooked, resulting in a drier texture than you might like.

The GBC sauce is a bit on the strong side, with an overpoweringly salty/vinegary flavour.  I wouldn’t get it again.  The pickles and tomato were fine, and the soft bun, though a tad on the large side and a bit more substantial than I’d like, complimented the burger fairly well.

I ordered the onion rings on the side, and they were fresh, with a crispy, tasty batter.  The onions were yielding and well-cooked; they were definitely a highlight.

All in all it wasn’t the best burger ever, but if I found myself in the area again, I wouldn’t object to eating another one.  Like I said, it’s average; it’s not a burger that anyone is going to swoon over, but it gets the job done.

Gourmet Burger Co. - the restaurant Gourmet Burger Co. - the dining room Gourmet Burger Co. - the menu Gourmet Burger Co. - the burger Gourmet Burger Co. - the burger
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