The Burger Cellar

: 3391 Yonge Street, Toronto

The Burger Cellar serves a pretty good burger.  The end.

What, I can’t just leave it at that?  I mean, it is my blog.  I’m pretty sure I can do whatever I want.

Fine, I’ll write a few more words.  This is probably going to be a quick one, though; there are only so many reviews of good-but-not-great burgers I can write before they all start to blend into an interchangeable jumble of phrases like “beefy flavour” and “tightly packed.”

The Burger Cellar bills itself as a “burger grill + wine bar,” so yeah, it’s a bit classier than your average burger joint.  It’s also a bit pricier than your average burger joint, but I guess you should probably expect that from a place with wine pairings on the menu.

Every burger on the menu comes with two beef choices: AAA Black Angus Natural, or Prime, which costs an extra four bucks.  I asked the waitress what the difference was, and she told me the cuts of beef that each choice was made from.  I immediately thought to myself “what a helpful tidbit for my review!” and then promptly forgot everything she said.


I think — and please don’t quote me on this — the Black Angus is made from chuck, and the Prime is made from brisket, but I might be way off on that one.  I think I might have the worst memory on the planet.  You laugh now, but when it turns out I have ultra early onset Alzheimer’s, it won’t be so hilarious.

I asked the waitress which of the two she recommended, and of course she went with the more expensive choice.  So I ordered that, and went with the Original Classic Burger, which comes topped with “lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, red onion and a kosher dill pickle.”

As I mentioned before, it’s nothing special, but it’s pretty good.  The medium well patty had a mild-but-there beefy flavour, a little bit of juiciness, and an okay texture.  It’s a bit too finely ground and densely packed, and thus a bit on the tough side, but I’ve certainly had worse.

I wasn’t crazy about the sesame seed bun, which was a bit too substantial for the task at hand, and which tasted slightly stale.

Along with the aforementioned toppings (which were fine), ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayo were all provided on the side.    The mayo was actually quite tasty — definitely a cut above the standard Hellmann’s.

The burger doesn’t come with any sides, so I ordered fries.  They were top-notch.

3 out of 4

The Burger Cellar - the outside The Burger Cellar - the restaurant The Burger Cellar - the burger The Burger Cellar - the burger The Burger Cellar - the burger
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